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Seamlessly bolt-on our highly modular and innovative mobile product suite to your organisations strategies to aid in reaching objectives and to solve pain-points in a highly measurable way

Mobile Competition Engine

Dynamically launch and execute best practice mobile competitions via USSD, SMS, WhatsApp and Web that are designed to boost sales, build opt-in databases & to execute any promotional strategy. Attach entry codes to products to drive & track sales/purchases.

Dynamically give away Instant rewards such as Airtime, Data Bundles, Instant cash and much more

Gamified Training & Financial Literacy

Implement measurable and incentivised training programs via our Fully Flexible Gamified Training Products. Implement into Financial Literacy Training or Internal Employee Training systems.

Instantly Reward and Incentivise learning granularly to every individual, across performance and participation.

WhatsApp for Business

Elevate and optimise your Customer experiences & execute innovative mobile solutions via our WhatsApp for Business solutions. 

Utilise our Proprietary ChatBot Technology to automate dynamic conversations with your base, to decrease call centre/service centre bottlenecks and to streamline service based conversations.

Global Connectivity & Bulk SMS

We have a large pool of 2-way global connectivity solutions that our clients can instantly reserve and send to print. USSD strings, Short Codes, Bulk SMS/USSD gateways and Mobi-Sites are ready to go on the fly as the touchpoint of choice.

Health & Medical | Patient Relationship Management Solutions

Say no to “Inaction” through removing stigmas. Execute HIV, Gender based violence, Diagnostics & Epidemiology data capture strategies, surveys and helplines via USSD – which offers data exchanging critical, personal and sensitive data via familiar touchpoints.

Mobile CRM & Clubs

The most direct way to build 1-1 relationships with customers. Reward loyalty, drive repetitive purchase, incentivise actions and facilitate hyper-targeted communications on the fly.

Segment and personalise communications & offerings to increase purchase propensity. Nurture and retain individual consumers & segments throughout their CLV to increase CLV and brand affinity.