Mobile CRM & Clubs

Reward customers for their loyalty and brand affinity

Prompt Additional Purchases

When a customer buys your product, they get a unique code that they can use to add points to their profile on your mobile club

Incentivise Actions

Give customers points for purchasing products, completing their profile, liking their Facebook profile or custom actions

Facilitate Communications

Make announcements about promotions or new product releases to customers who have opted in

Enhance Value Proposition

Be a brand that actively engages with your customers on their mobile devices

Reward Loyalty

Clubs are designed to reward customers who take the most loyal to your brand, not just random competition winners

Gain Wallet Share

Customers will want to purchase your product over competing products in order to earn points

Works on any phone

Customers can load points, view their profile, and purchase rewards via web, USSD, or SMS

Customer Insights

Learn about the purchase behaviour of your clients, their preferences and their demographic profiles

Reward your customers for their loyalty


1. Customer purchases your brand


2. Customer is able to claim rewards points by using the unique code found on-pack or printed on the till slip


3. Customer is able to spend points to claim rewards

Constantly creating experiences increases brand affinity and customer lifetime value

Customer Profile

Ziyanda Mfene



Total purchases: 127  Purchases per month: 5.8

Top product: Toiletries



Gender: Female  Province: Gauteng

Age: 26



Preferred reward: Data bundles

CRM Dashboard & Segmentation

Measure and evaluate your marketing investments and hyper-targeting in real-time using the Apex dashboard and segmentation filters

Closing the Loop

Using our fully integrated messaging gateways, you now have the ability to personalise your marketing communications, in real-time, around offers, discounts and rewards based off consolidated customer datasets.

Tailor your messaging to the right people, at the right time and about the right things. This results in your customers having a much better propensity to purchase your product and will form long lasting loyalty with your brand.



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