Global Connectivity & Bulk SMS gateways

We have a large pool of 2-way global connectivity solutions that our clients can instantly reserve and send to print. USSD strings, Short Codes, Bulk SMS/USSD gateways and Mobi-Sites are ready to go on the fly as the touchpoint of choice.

Global 2-Way Connectivity

USSD+WhatsApp for Business+Short Codes+Bulk SMS/USSD Gateways+Mobi-sites

USSD & Short Code Competitions

POPI Compliant

Bulk SMS

Real-time support

Short turnaround time

Instant rewards

Apex African Coverage Map

90% of SMS messages are read within the first 3 minutes

SMS Gateway Features

Personalised SMSes

Use {MACROS} to insert unique custom data points for hyper-targeted and personalised communication

High Quality

Fire off SMSes at speeds of up to 100msgs/sec with an average of above 90% delivery rate


Send messages from your application via HTTP/S or SMPP. Get real-time status reports

SMS Dashboard

Manage all of your SMS activity from your online dashboard

Short Codes

Use 5 digits “short” codes to engage, promote and sell to your customers

Real-time Reporting

Real-time reporting for each message sent, aggregated volume, cost and premium rated reports for all networks

Inbound Triggers

Set conditions for inbound messages that can trigger auto responder SMSes, emails, or HTTP requests to your server

Automatic Opt-outs

Any ‘STOP’ will automatically be notified of his/her “Unsubscribe” and added to the block-list (14.3 WASPA)

Your SMS Dashboard

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