Gamified Training

Using our gamified approach to internal employee training and external financial literacy training, customers and employees will be left enlightened and incentivised to up-skill via the comfort of their mobile devices.

How it works


1. User sees/hears marketing support and dials into USSD line


2. User is presented with a set of profiling questions followed by modular financial literacy quizzes


3. User can win dynamic prizes like airtime and mobile data randomly and/or based on their performance

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

– Nelson Mandela

Volume Drivers & Growth

Gamified USSD Training Campaigns (Ongoing and Always on)

Build a 360 degree view of your learners knowledge and use these profiles to personalise your training at scale to enrich relevant knowledge gaps

“Always On” profiling and rewarding – Understand and reward your top performers for all participation, actions and affinity in realtime & in an ongoing fashion

Issue instant Vouchers, Airtime, Data or Cash prizes to incentivise participation and a commitment to “rewarding learning”

Flexibly adjust and add new sets of training questions in preferred or multiple languages = learners taken down personalised and relevant training curves and journeys

Retention & Enrichment

Outbound Communication – Per segment

Ensure all CSI marketing investments efforts are successful through direct in hand communication strategies

Drive uptake to always-on training campaigns by communicating rules, dates, incentives and value exchanges

Launch new CSI campaigns/offerings

SMS sends to learner segments to drive promotional participation across personalised training solutions (Dynamic Learning curves)

Personalisation & Referrals

Create organic word of mouth marketing through referral campaigns

Have the ability train your customer base and relevant segments dynamically and according to their known knowledge and performance levels

Give learners the ability to refer their friends to campaigns and new quizzes and subsequently reward them for their referrals


How we helped a major financial institution execute, measure, and evaluate a gamified external financial literacy program:

The campaign was intended to increase the financial literacy of customers via a gamified campaign and capture unique learner profiles to accurately measure ROI on CSI and customer education. 

By using Apex’s proprietary software and connectivity, we enabled the client to track, measure and evaluate their CSI investments(through the line)

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